Fact of the day: I once was a child who kept endless notebooks filled with poetry.

Huh, you learn something new everyday, don’t you?

So, I was 75% pleased when I found out that I was taking a creative writing course during interim. I think it will give me a chance to rediscover what I loved about writing in the first place.

Hopefully all goes well!!

Anyways, we had to write a neighborhood poem for tomorrow about someone from our childhood, focusing on a memory that we had with that person and then transitioning into a later meeting (which could be made up) with that same person.

Here’s what I’ve got. It’s called ‘Remember This’:


During summers nights of truth-or-dare

bonfire pits and twenty cokes, a moment of pure serenity

existed among the chaos.


For I was 16 and he 15 and all that we knew was surrounding us.

Fireworks, applejacks, band camp, long naps

and parents who knew nothing at all.


As we walked into the darkness, the fire’s warmth faded

I felt it again as he touched my hand

and his breath made fog in the air


Next to the lake we laid, looking up to the stars

while what I called fireflies and he called lightning bugs

formed a blanket of moving stars around us


It was at that exact moment

wet grass, his hand, my hand, his lips

when I experienced serenity amidst the chaos


And I said remember this.


It was at that exact intersection

Cardnial and Cadbury Circle

where I saw him years later sipping coffee


Next to him I sat in the café, remembering those days

while what I called biscotti and he called biscuits

danced in our ceramic mugs


As we laughed about those summers,

His face began to change

The reality of the present was looming once again


For I am 36 and he 35 and all that we know is surrounding us.

Monthly bills, other halves, work days, no naps

and bosses who know nothing at all


During summer nights of soccer practice

clarinet lessons and 20 juice boxes, a moment of pure serenity

existed among the chaos


And I said remember this.




Ugh I’m going to bed either way 🙂 Goooooooooodnight.

Stay tuned for ‘Batman Briefs’. Yes.




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