Fresh Start.

I love the start of a new semester. It’s like I get a chance to begin the next three months with a clean slate: New schedule, new chance to get organized, new people to meet and most importantly, new goals to obtain. I think that it is crucial to always be working towards something in order to stay motivated throughout the semester. There’s also nothing more satisfying than looking back after a completed semester and seeing what was achieved. So, here we go. My goal list (just to prove to myself that they exist):

1.) Blog more! I love to blog, but it definitely takes a back burner when my life gets stressful. This semester I really want to blog more about my experiences and whatever else I find interesting. One, because it keeps me writing and two, because it is a necessary skill for any young PR professional to display when seeking a job. Note: Must. keep. blogging.

2.) Attend PRSSA National Assembly, run for National Vice President of Public Relations and hit that speech out of the park. I can’t believe that I decided to do this, but I did, and I am a little nervous about it. First of all, I am leaving for Seattle by myself on the night of my 21st birthday. Secondly, I have to give a 5 minute speech in front of 500 to 800 people. WOAH. It would be hugely beneficial, however, if I did get the position and I would be so happy. But, it is a process and I need to make sure to keep up with everything.

3.) Network more. This is so important! Sometimes I get really caught up with school, my internship and everything else that I have going on that I forget to reach out to those who have helped me before and new people whom I should be getting to know. Maintaining and forming new relationships with professionals in your field is the best way to get a job after graduation, and I need to constantly be doing this!

4.) Stay organized. At the beginning of a new semester, it is really easy for me to get organized and have a good grasp on my classes. However, once things start rolling, I quickly become a disorganized mess and life gets more stressful. I think this is true for a lot of people, but I really envy those who always have an organized life. Not fair!

5.) Keep it up at my internship. I work at a really great company, and they have offered me a paid position. I’m learning new things every day that I work and I am really grateful for the opportunity that they have given me. But, it is important for me to remember that I need to continue learning and doing my best at my work. Don’t slack!

6.) Have fun. Sometimes I forget to do this! I realized last week that a year from now, I will be starting my last semester of school. Ever. After that, I will be working and paying bills and doing other lame things. Even though having my own house and a nicer car will be great, I need to remember that I only have 3 semesters left to live with my friends, walk the streets of Oshkosh late at night, hang out in Clow with my J friends, intern at awesome companies, travel at discounted prices, get student deals, sleep until 8 a.m. every day, engage with experiences professors and jump at every opportunity that is afforded to me.

So, I should probably make the best of the time that I have left at UWO! I can’t wait to see what this semester brings me 🙂

Also, I found this sweet website that tracks your Twitter posts and gives you stats about them. Thought it was interesting! Apparently I tweet the most on Mondays and Tuesdays….. strange.

That is all, more to come!!


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  1. I’m glad that we’re on your goals list! You’re a great addition to the PR team and I look forward to watching you grow as a PR pro during your time here. Note: The learning will never stop…. 🙂

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