The importance of having a social media presence in the PR world

As social media becomes more and more standard, and sites like Facebook and Twitter are being infiltrated with businesses and professionals looking to hire, having a solid presence on these sites is becoming extremely important for graduating PR students. In my new and emerging media class, we are required to blog about a subject of our choice and, as my title suggests, I will be blogging to young PR professionals about branding themselves on social media sites before they graduate. As I have learned in my internship with the Weidert Group, Inc., it is very important to be able to show potential employers that you know how to use the tools that the position requires on a daily basis.

The question that I receive the most from my fellow PR students is regarding blogs (and sometimes Twitter, but mostly blogging). Usually, students recognize that blogging is important, but they don’t know what to blog about. Recently I found a great article from PRSA about what makes a good blog and the first tip that this article gave was to blog about what you love. So, what about PR interests you? Obviously you picked this major out of all the other majors. What was your reason? The answers to these questions could be a great start to your blog.

Another awesome tip that the article gave was to make an editorial calender. I don’t think it is necessary to do this for the entire year at a time, or even an entire month. But, having your next three or four blog postings planned out in advance will make you motivated to keep blogging and it will keep you on task. Check out an example of good blog editorial calender here.

The article also said to market your blog. I can say from experience, this is one of the most important parts of blogging, and it’s one of the only ways to gain a solid readership. If you have a Facebook or Twitter, send links to your most recent blog post on these sites, and do it every time. Bug your friends to read it, email a link to your parents, have your advisor review it and offer tips, make your employers read it. In other words, recruit everyone because, chances are, at least some of them will subscribe to your blog and comment on your posts. They may even tell other people about it and you will gain more subscribers. Always market!

Lastly, the article said to track your results. Since PR is so results-driven, we should have already learned the importance of this in our classes. WordPress offers stats on who is reading your blog, how they get to it, and what they click on while they are on your page. Study these results and use them to your advantage. For example, if you find that your most clicked on articles are about Clay Matthew’s luscious locks, try to incorporate him into more of your posts. Obviously, it is drawing attention. Maybe it’s just because it’s Super Bowl week, but the point is, he is timely and people want to read about him. Latch onto trending topics, your readership will increase, and so will your commenters.

So, my fellow PR students, what have you done with your blog that your blog that seems to be working? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below.
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  1. I found this to be really good information that can be helpful to professionals and to students who want to get more involved in social media.

    And I like the picture at the end.

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