Your Twitter Image: What’s beneficial? What’s damaging?

It’s no secret that public relations students who have a solid Twitter presence (along with presences on other social media sites) are more likely to secure a job or internship faster than those who don’t. Being able to show potential employers that you can use the tools you will be working with on the job is a huge advantage.

However, there is a right way and a wrong way to position yourself in the Twitterverse. I can’t even begin to explain how frustrated I get when my feed is clogged with seven tweets in a row, from the same person, that say things like, “Just got out of the shower. Felt great!” or “Signing offline! Have a great night Tweeps!”. Ugh. It’s making me cringe as I am writing this.



And actually, I am not the only one who feels this way. Talent Culture, a recruiting company, posted an article entitled “Ten Ways to Kill Your Twitter Brand”, which stated that “spamming” followers with personal updates was the number two way to damage your image. So, what should you, as a PR student, be doing to create a good image for yourself and your potential employers? Here are some things I hear from the PR professionals that I come in contact with:

The Do’s

  1. Do make sure to keep your tweets 80% professional and 20% personal. Like I said above, there is nothing worse than tweeting about your recent peanut butter sandwich or the fact that you just made your bed while talking to your grandma. I do not care. Your followers do not care. And I can definitely tell you that your future employers do not care.

    I'm sorry?

  2. Do engage with your followers. Respond to mentions, thank them for retweeting your post and always answer their questions.
  3. Do try to update your twitter at least once or twice a day. It is estimated that over one fourth of current Twitter accounts are inactive and you don’t want this to be you! Make sure that you are always updating your followers with relevant information.
  4. Do help promote the causes of your Twitter community. If you see a fellow Tweep promoting his/ her blog or an event that their company is sponsoring, help them out by retweeting their message to your network. It will be much appreciated.

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t tweet inappropriate or offensive things. Although the fact that you ran from the cops last night to escape an underage drinking ticket may be funny to you, it won’t be to the professionals in your industry. Remember that employers will always check your Twitter/ Facebook/ LinkedIn (and even your Google results) before you come in for an interview. Make sure that they don’t find anything embarrassing. For example, this is inappropriate:

    It just makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

  2. Don’t change your Twitter picture very often. Think of your picture like a personal logo. This is how your followers recognize you and if you change it a lot, they will become confused and may not even recognize that the person on their feed is you!
  3. Don’t follow more people than follow you. If you have a wacked-out ratio of followers to people you follow, you may loose some credibility and your klout score will go down. (For more information on Klout, check back next week!)

*And just for my own sanity, don’t be a walking stream of pointless thoughts, for the love of God.

Have you come across any ridiculous tweets lately? Post a comment or screen shot!

This guy gets it —> 


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