How to Set Up and Internship Program With UW Oshkosh

First off, let me start by apologizing for my lack of blogging this past month. As many of you may know, I ran for a national position for PRSSA in Seattle at National Assembly, and preparing for that pretty much took over my life. In hindsight, I suppose the process would have been a good thing to blog about!

Anyways, at my internship I am working on a series of blog posts regarding the steps companies can take to set up an internship program at my school, UW Oshkosh. I am very grateful of the opportunities that I get at my internship and want more companies to help students in my program. Below is my post, originally seen on Weidert Group’s blog. Enjoy!


I hope that I have influenced some of you with my last blog posting about the benefits of hiring interns. There are a number of different skills that we can bring to your company including, a knowledge of new and emerging media, unmatched enthusiasm, flexibility to work for long or short periods of time and the ability to help with time-sensitive projects. If you read my post and are now inspired to hire an intern, here are some guidelines for starting an internship program with my school, UW Oshkosh:

Before you contact the university, make sure to have the logistics of the position figured out.

1.) Decide why you want an intern. What are we going to be doing if you hire us? Typical interns either help out with special projects or perform basic daily tasks on an ongoing basis. Decide, with your team, what areas you need the most help with, where an intern can be most beneficial and how the intern will learn valuable skills though the experience.

2.) Figure out the period of employment. It is better to post an internship description with clear beginning and end dates. That way, both the employer and intern are clear on the expectations of the position. If you are looking to hire after graduation, write that there is potential for full time employment in the description. However, if you are unsure of the end date of the internship, write that it is ongoing or open for consideration. This step is very important because it helps us plan around our class schedule.

3.) Organize current employees. It is very important that an intern has an obvious supervisor. Too often, I hear frustrations from fellow interns who don’t know who they report to or who is evaluating them. Make sure to designate one person as the intern supervisor. Other essential factors include deciding which departments the intern will work in, deciding if the intern will work in one department or several, determining what training/ orientation will be needed, and working out liability issues that the intern may face.

4.) Write a position description. Have this completed before you contact the university, as they will ask for it to review. Although many employers leave this out, it is crucial to include the skills/ qualifications that are preferred. If you are seeking juniors and seniors only, include this near the top of the description to avoid confusion. Also, make sure to include duties/ responsibilities, hours/ week, location and the pay rate. If you are not going to pay an intern, which is discouraged by UW Oshkosh, then you need to list this at the top of the description so students can decide if they are able to afford taking the position.

Once the above tasks are completed, contact the appropriate person listed below. They will be able to help you with the next steps:

College of Letters and Science

Graphic Design, Public Relations, Advertising, Writing/ Editing, Media Research, Communications, Radio/TV/Film, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Music, Theater, Art and other related majors

Internship Coordinator Chrissy Lambie

College of Business

Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Supply Chain Operation and Human Resources majors

Internship Director Jessie Pondell

College of Education and Human Services

Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education and Human Services Leadership majors

Director of Field Experiences Mary Beth Petesch

College of Nursing

Coordinator of Student Academic Affairs Becky Cleveland

If you have additional questions about this process, please visit

If you would like to learn more about Weidert Group’s internship program, contact our internship coordinator, Abby Gutowski at (920)-731-2771 (ext. 224) or


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