UW Oshkosh New and Emerging Media class produces excellent students who can help you improve your online presence

Dear Oshkosh companies and organizations,

One of the things that I love about my degree program at UW Oshkosh is that there are constantly new classes added to our curriculum in order to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the public relations and marketing industries.

Recently, I took a 7-week course entitled ‘New and Emerging Media’, where we learned basically everything there is to know about social media and its application to businesses of all types. The class was a trial course and was designed to be intensive, meeting for two hours, three times a week. The great thing about the class is that it is split into two 7-week sections. So, the first half of the class (which I already took) was all theory and learning the base of different social media channels. We focused highly on how social media can be used for businesses and reviewed the different functions for different industries.

Now, I am taking part in the second half of the course, which is the application of the theory we learned in the first 7 weeks. This part of the class is cool. While the first seven weeks were extremely valuable (we had to set up our own blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook profiles if we didn’t previously have them), these second seven weeks are even more valuable. For this section of the class, each student is assigned their own client, a non-profit organization in our community that has expressed interest in setting up a social media presence. Using what we learned in the first seven weeks of class, we are expected to work with the client (by ourselves!) and set up a strategically planned social media presence.

So, why am I randomly discussing this? Good question.

After taking the first seven weeks of the class, I became very aware of the many companies who have lack-luster social media pages, or no social media presence at all. Many of these companies simply don’t understand the business advantage to being on these sites or they just don’t have the budget or manpower to be on social media.

If you have read my previous posts on the benefit of hiring interns, this is just another reason. I am currently in a class with 10 other students, who happen to all be very knowledgeable on social media, and can be a big help to your organization. If you are struggling with any of your social media channels (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Foursquare), email me at bedorj33@uwosh.edu and I will hook you up with some great students who would love to help you succeed online!


Social Media obsessed intern



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