Want a job? Don’t do this on Facebook!

I came across this at work today and thought it was interesting!

Think that your Facebook is “yours” and that the information on it shouldn’t be used against you? Think again! Kashmir Hill, Forbes’ privacy blogger posted this chart, which was drawn from a survey of employers.

In the survey, 95% of employers said they have used social media to get additional information on job candidates. 95%! In PR, it’s probably more like 99.999999999999%, especially since social media is now expanding to include people like our grandparents. If my grandpa is on Facebook, you can guarantee your potential employer is.

I used to be really against the whole idea of employers using Facebook as a channel to weed out candidates. I thought that it was an unnecessary mix of my personal and professional life, considering that my pictures out at Molly Maguire’s last Saturday night have nothing to do with my behavior at work. My education in PR has changed this viewpoint.

Whether we like it or not, our social media sites are fair game for critiquing when we are applying for jobs. There is really nothing that we can do to change this. Making your page private may help, but keep in mind that you may know someone at the organization who has access to your page and would be willing to share it with a hiring manager. You just never know.

Consider cleaning up your page– and review the survey above to avoid making these mistakes!


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